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Where's the brain bleach when you need it?

So, last night... ah... where to start?

It was raining as we left the house. TBG dropped me off at the restaurant in case it was busy because of March Madness. It wasn't and never did get crazy. That was fine with me. I had a glass of wine and chips while waiting for the guys to show up. Barb, Barb V, and Joan came in and I went over to say hello. The other two wanted to sit with us, but Barb nixed that. She was in a mood last night. I call it her 'Major Barbara mood' where she has to call all the shots. It was fine with me.

The guys arrived and we had a lovely meal. El Torito always does a nice job. I had street tacos (chicken), TBG had his much loved chicken and sour cream enchiladas and Jeff had the carnita street tacos. Stuffed, we headed to the theatre and I was thrilled that there was a parking spot in front. My back was really not happy and it was nice to not have to walk.

Got inside and it was sort of sad to see so few people there. Araceli said that the preview article did nothing to generate additional funds, then she pulled me aside and showed me the two checks one of our patrons gave her. One was for $1,000 for the capital campaign. The other was for $5,000. Yay, we can meet payroll! Needless to say, I was very relieved.

The alcohol was flowing and people seemed in a pretty good mood. There was about fifty people in the house, so not terrible, but still. Then the show started.

Oh, boy, Dennis proved that he had no stage presence and a limited range. Melissa has bronchitis and they took out her solos. The best thing I can say about the show is that it was short. Really show - 70 minutes short.

Afterwards, Barb refused to even talk to the other actors and spent five minutes raging about the show. Jeff is really worried about dinner tonight and hopes we can find another topic because her utter disgust with Dennis. Me, too...
Tags: food, friends, sct, theatre
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