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And now it's Wednesday...

It's rare that I get bored. Usually there's something to do... except during March at work. This is our quiet month and I do mean quiet - deathly quiet). There are no productions happening (well, the Dinglebell Follies, but that's stuck at 23%). On Saturday, we open registration for SCT Jr - our summer youth program. Hopefully, the season brochures will be going out this week, so those calls will start coming. The flyers for Calendar Girls will also be going out any time now. Soon there will be tons of stuff to do, but this week - nothing. The phone has only rung a half dozen times and none of the calls were for tickets. Dennis didn't even bother to come in...

So, it's been announced that Jim will be taking over Mamma Mia as its director. This is as it should be. Now I know it will succeed. I did a little happy dance when I heard.

Our weather has been glorious today (80 F, 26 C), but of course I've been stuck inside all day. Can't wait to get home, put on some shorts and just suck some of that good sunshine up.

My NP appointment got changed from Friday to Tuesday, which means I actually have the whole day off on Friday. I'm not really sure what to do with myself. I'm giddy at the prospect. It's exciting to consider it, but for how long...? TBG is really good about finding this for me to do.

Now you are completely up to date with me. So, so quiet... Hark, are those crickets?
Tags: theatre, weather
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