spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

And somehow it's Sunday again

Boy, just once I wish the weekend would go as slowly as the week does. Sigh...

We have been super busy around the house, mostly just getting stuff planted (we are up to 27 catnip plants - we will be very popular) out front. I finally have the planter boxes done (begonias) and I'm hoping that they will do as well as the last batch. They lasted four years, enduring our winters with no real issues. Sadly the snails seem to have done a number on my orchid blossoms. Only one stalk has survived. The snail bait has gone down.

I am very sorry to report that we seem to have lost my favorite outside cat. Little Black has been missing for over a week now. We have looked for him and called, but to no avail. I keep hoping he'll come home, but each day I get more concerned. Possibly he was adopted, I hope so. It's the story I keep telling myself. Even with all the inside and outside cats, I still miss him.

We have been dealing with cats coming and going inside all weekend. I have been keeping close tabs on the kittens, but they know home and come every time I call them (of course, they also get a treat for coming -positive reinforcement).

We have put up the shade upstairs and down - this is the earliest ever, but there is nothing ahead but sunny weather, according to Mark Finan. It's better to get them up and not use then than need then and not having them in place.

I have started a new quilting project. duckys_lady sent me a book of quilting book called The Raven. It's nine squares, each dedicated to a raven, from Poe's poem of the same name. I'm excited to finally get this project started. There's nothing much to show this week, but hopefully next week.
Tags: cats, gardening, quilting, spring
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