spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A Day Late Friday Five

But you know how it goes...

1. Did/Do you own a typewriter?

2. If you own one, what was the last thing you typed on it?

3. Have you ever used *gasp* carbon paper for multiple copies?

4. Ever use any of these?

5. Did you take typing (not to be confused with keyboarding) in school?

1. I did. It was an old IBM Selectic and it weighed about twenty pounds - it was a portable. :P

2. Hmmm, probably a MFU story, but at work, I typed out a 1099 earlier this year.

3. I did and hated it. We are so spoiled now.

4. Oh my yes. In fact I still have a couple of those stick erasures around... somewhere

5. I did and hated it because I did not want to work be a secretary or have to work in an office. Yeah, so they call me an office manager, but mostly I'm just an under paid secretary...

Now it's your turn!
Tags: the friday five
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