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The Friday Five - Traditions!

1) What family traditions did your family have, while you were growing up?

2) What new traditions have you established since becoming an adult?

3) What tradition is most important to you in your current life?

4) What traditions do you have for the current season (spring or fall, depending on where you live)?

5) What traditions would you like to establish in the future?

1. The one I remember most is that every summer, Da would load up the car and we would head to Lansing Michigan to visit my aunties. I hated it - didn't like the humidity, getting crammed into the backseat of a Datsun or having to deal with strangers.

2. Um, none really. We go up to the Foothill on the first weekend of December for their open house and wine tasting. In the summer, we go to the bunkhouse. That's about it.

3. I guess it depends upon how you interpret traditions. We really don't have any, outside of a Friday date night.

4. For Spring? Um, a good housecleaning and planting.

5. Retirement. That can be a tradition, can't it? :P
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