spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

My Easter eggs

Every year, MFUWSS has an Easter Egg challenge. Every year I try and write a little something for it.

These are fruits of my labor. Links will take you to AO3

J'adore Pâques -Napoleon and Illya should know that you can't hide from the Easter Bunny, even in Canada. WArning: slash

Eggsactly - The prompt was for an Easter egg with both Illya and Napoleon, a nice day off, and egg rolling. a Mouth of Babes story

The Spring Affair - When April decides to strut herself, what's a fella to do?

The Home Again Affair - Illya has been recalled and as he packs, he remembers the good times. Warning - death is mentioned. And with death, rebirth.

The Harvey Affair - The people you meet in a bar... this is a cross with the 1950 movie, Harvey
Tags: easter eggs, gen fic, slash fic
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