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Panama Day 3 – we are underway!

Weather – cool and foggy, burning off at noon to a cool but sunny day.

Got up and had a relaxing morning in the room and visiting with Sparky. Around ten thirty, we checked out and headed for Trader Joe’s to get some stuff for the Meeting and Greet. It was right beside BevMo, but our room lacked a refrigerator (and again why is that not spelled with a d when ‘fridge’ is?).

We got some flowers, cheese, tomatoes, basil and cucumber, then it was time to head for the ship.
We were berthed at Pier 93 and got to drive by the Battleship Iowa in our way in. Sparky was starting to hyperventilate just a bit at this point. We parked and a porter was there before we got the doors open. They whisked our luggage away, leaving us with nothing to carry but, well, our carry ons.

By this point, Sparky was seriously excited and we watched TBG drive away to the Hertz rental car place and we embarked. The process could not have been smoother, but you could have knock me over with a feather when I was presented with my room card – it is black. It is the Mother of all cruise cards. We had made it to Elite status. Yay!

I took Sparky to her cabin first, so that she could drop her stuff and check out her cabin in the very front of the ship. She was really happy and I was pleased with how spacious it was. Then we headed back to ours in the aft. She was very impressed with how comfortable it was and spacious the balcony was.

We gave ourselves a chance to breathe and then I took her up to the library and the sun deck. She is a short walk to both, longer back to the dining rooms. One thing for certain, we will be getting our walking in this cruise.

We headed back to check out the buffet and again, Sparky was impressed with how clean and in good repair the ship was in. She had been worried because of reading negative reviews on CC and because the ship was going into dry dock. No worries. The ship looks great. She was also impressed with the quality and variety of food. Honestly, it’s not bad for a buffet and there is enough variation to keep you have having to eat the same thing every morning, unless that’s what you want to do. And I had a creamed corn and lima bean that I poured over rice and it was outstanding.

At this point, TBG joined us and we ate and talked for a bit before heading back to our respective cabins for a rest. One of our suitcases had arrived, so we unpacked that and then I took a bit of a nap while TBG arranged our apps for the Meet and Greet. Two more suitcases arrived, but not mine. Boo, hiss. We were listening to the announcement for the muster drill and it finally showed up.

So far, what we have forgotten to pack – a tablecloth. That’s not too shabby when you consider all the stuff we did managed to bring along. I have to say, the nightlight was a very good addition!
We did Muster and were amazed at how empty the dining room was. Our fingers were crossed that we could get Table 41, our favorite table in the corner. And when we got back to the cabin, we got a call telling us that we had. YAY!!!

Sparky joined us for the Sailaway that didn’t happen. The Captain came on and apologized, saying that there had been some trouble with one of the tenders and we couldn’t leave until it was repaired. Sparky allowed as she didn’t care if we never left the dock. There is news of a hurricane in the area, but it’s not like the Captain is going to sail into it. It might make for some rough seas, though. Glad I brought alone plenty of Dramamine!

However, Sailaway or not, we opened the champagne, ate our complimentary canapes and then headed down to the dining room for dinner – because, after all, so much of cruising is all about the food.
The reason we love Table 41 is that it’s tucked away in a corner, pretty private from the rest of the tables. It has an ocean view and it’s just a four top (i.e. a table for four). We saw Oscar and met our waiter and assistant waiter, the names will come back to me.

Again, Sparky was blown away by the selection. She went with a fortified chicken soup and tortellini with spinach (as did I) and a burger with blue cheese and caramelized mushrooms. I had a basa fillet with a mango salsa, a potato pancake and very nice veggies, TGB had some Thai crispy eggrolls, a cream of artichoke soup, and prime rib. We all split an order of Fettuccini Alfredo as an app. To finish, we each had a milk chocolate hazelnut soufflé. This had been one of Sparky’s ‘wants’ as she’d never had a soufflé before. We were also told that we were in for Chef’s Table. (double yay). We haven’t gotten our official acknowledgement, but that’s okay.

We waddled back to our cabin and TBG supervised the last bit of repair to the tender and the Captain came on and said we were ready to go. By this point, I could hardly keep my head up, so I retired and left Sparky and TBG to supervise our departure. It must have been very smooth or I was very tired, because I never felt a thing!
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