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Panama Day 5 - Another sea day

Weather – partially cloudy, giving way to sunny skies. Seas, smooth as glass.

Woke at about 5:30 this morning – super late for me. I suspect it’s the Dramamine that’s doing this, but it doesn’t matter as I am on vacation and not on any schedule. After working on my email, we headed up to the buffet for breakfast, meeting up with Sparky along the way. We also had breakfast with Bob, one of the mega posters on Cruise Critic. He’s this tough-as-nails police sergeant and yet he posts happy silly, almost teen age girl like good morning posts and is funnier than heck.

A moment aside to talk about Cruise Critic. It’s a site for people who love to cruise. However, some of them have gotten a holier-than-thou attitude and come across very rude. You ask a simple question and they descend upon you like a bear on a salmon. Because of that, I’m very careful where and when I post. Most of the people are delightful when you meet them in person, but on line, they can be real prigs.

While he and TBG talked, Sparky and I went up and gave the walking track a good go, hitting our nautical mile easily. Towards the end TBG joined us and we went up to the sun deck and checked out some of the new carpet going down. The crew never stops working to improve the look of the ship. TBG said that they are sinking $50 million into the ship during its upcoming retrofit. This is good news as it tells us that they have no intention of getting rid of the ship. We do love this ship so.

After our walk, we went down to the cabin and watched Howl’s Moving Castle. There was a bit of an adventure figuring out how to make the DVD player work with the TV, but it came out all right in the end. About three quarters of the way through the movie, Sparky asked if we could finish it later as she was tired.

She left, TBG took his morning nap and I read and quilted.

Lunch was Asian this time around and I was pleased to see that the sushi being offered had grown. They were now offering ahi, eel and five different kinds of sushi. It used to be California roll, period.

After lunch, Sparky went to find a comfortable deck chair and we went back to the cabin. I took a nap and woke up to cloudless blue skies and temperatures in the 80’s. Finally!!! After a long soak in the Jacuzzi tub (heaven, pure heaven), I went out and quilted on the deck.

This was our first formal night and the steward delivered a wrist corsage and a boutonniere (a suite perk) and when TBG dressed, he discovered that he hadn’t brought along a white shirt for his white suit, I hadn’t brought along white shoes or my perfume. We really missed a lot on this trip… yet we brought so much other stuff.

Sparky arrived and looked so lovely in her dress. She was serious gorgeous and was thrilled when we gave her the wrist corsage. I would like to think she floated to the dining room.

Ah, the Captain’s dinner, always an event. Sparky had a Waldolf salad with a stilton mousse, Shrimp Danielle, TBG had the same entrée, but had a Caesar for his salad course. We both had a lovely crab and leek app and I had a roasted game hen. For dessert, we both had Bananas Foster and Sparky had cheesecake.

Now it was time to join the Captain in the foyer for the champagne waterfall. It was the first time we’d ever attended one, so it was fun and TBG helped pour, so that was fun (Yes, I have photos, but still no time to post them – soon I promise!).

After that, we headed to the show room for the first production show, Starlight. It is safe to say that Sparky was totally underwhelmed. Her one comment was that it was too loud. I thought they did a nice job and I knew all the songs, so I had fun singing along.

It was easy to fall asleep, despite the naps during the day. Tomorrow Cabo San Lucas!

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