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Panama Day 6 - Cabo!

Weather – cloudless skies and light waves.

Woke to a lot of deck noise – this cabin is right under the buffet and they were expecting a lot of traffic today because of all the excursions. We got up pulled everything together for our pirate ship adventure and headed up to the buffet for breakfast.

After that, Sparky joined us in our cabin and we waited until our appointed time to head down to the cabaret lounge to depart for our cruise, only to discover all the water excursions had been cancelled due to high winds and rough seas. While it seemed calm enough inside the breakwater, outside was rougher.

Sparky was in Seventh Heaven because it meant we had the morning to shop. I’m not much of a shopper, but TBG is, so off we went on a tender, a small covered boat which doubles as a lifeboat in an emergency, to Cabo.

The minute you get off the ship, the selling starts, people trying to sell you various items, excursions, etc. We checked out an art and craft place, which was basically cheap mass produced items, many made in Japan. Hey, it’s sadly the state of the world these days.

TBG hit upon the idea of heading downtown to the mall, so we grabbed a taxi and drove the short distance over there.

That’s when I decided I wanted to go closer to the shore to see the boats and Sparky stepped off a curb and fell. Thankfully, she was okay except for her ankle. She put on a brave face and insisted we muster on. We stopped by a pharmacy and picked up an ace bandage for her, while she railed at all the drugs you can get OTC (over the counter) here.

TBG thought that it was time to stop and take a breather, so we found a nice little restaurant and TBG and Sparky had smoothies – papaya and strawberry, respectively and I had a mimosa. The waiter wanted to know if we were going to order breakfast and we admitted that we just needed a break from walking (i.e. giving Sparky a chance to regroup) and then he struck upon an idea and ordered guacamole. It was seriously yummy and it came with salsa, sour cream and a piquante sauce that was a killer. I also had a chance to test the water and it was very cool, probably 64, plus or minus. I was sort of glad we didn’t go snorkeling in it.

We headed to the mall, which was a typical collection of clothing and shoe stores. After an hour of wandering around, we decided it was time to head home. That’s when we got the call from BART police that our car back in Pleasanton had been broken into. There was nothing to steal in the car, but it was just the hassle of having to call long distance back to the US to take to them, the police and the insurance company.

Strike three, it was time to go back to the ship. TBG talked with the taxi driver and he said that one of the problem they are having in Cabo are all the Americans coming down and taking the jobs away from the locals. It was a similar situation in Hawaii, where the Main landers were taking jobs from the locals. He also said that they were in a terrible drought and were having to bring all their water in.

After a very yummy cheeseburger and fries at The Grill on Deck 9, we all headed back to our cabins for some rest. The afternoon was spent napping, reading. quilting – I finished my applique with ‘that’ much thread left - and just taking it easy. The sun was warm, but the wind was bitterly cold.

I called to see if Sparky wanted to use my cane, which she did. And TBG delivered it to her. She came down after a bit and we headed to the dining room.

This was a mishmash evening of offerings. Sparky started with a tropical fruit salad, went on to the onion veloutte (sp?) soup and then had pasta, bowtie pasta in a gorgonzola sauce – the girl does love her cheese- while TBG had the chicken satay skewers, the same soup and Steak Diane (which he said was tough). I had a beef consumme, a Caesar salad, and a chicken and leek pot pie that was to die for. Very yummy. Dessert – Sparky and I had the watermelon sorbet and TBG had a sundae of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce.

We also signed up for the wine tasting and were told that Chef’s Table was a go and we were in. YAY! That’s always a fun evening. I will bring my camera that night as it’s much easier to fire it up between courses than the phone is.

After dinner, we headed back to the room and finished Howl’s Moving Castle and turned it. It was amazing that it was nearly nine. I have to say, though, that it was sweet dreams and smooth sailing.

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