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Panama Day 8 – at sea

Weather – cloudy, turning sunny by lunch. 28 c. and calm seas

There is something very restful about a second sea day. You’ve gotten rested up from the excursions from the port on the first day. The second day always seems more action packed… except for us, of course.

Got up late, except it wasn’t. For some reason, the iPhone logged the time change and displayed the time correctly for an entire day before reverting back to PST. So, I actually got up pretty early. Worked on this travel journal, had some coffee and fiddled about on line until TBG got up.
We tried calling Sparky, but with no luck, so we headed up to the buffet to find her already eating. She was looking much better and well rested. She said her ankle was much improved and that she still was unsure about the next excursion. I suggested that she talk with the excursion desk to see what they recommended. While we caught up, TBG went for a walk and then came back to announced it was fine weather for swimming. I think the genie is out of the bottle.

Sparky came back to our cabin to enjoy our balcony while we went swimming. We swam for nearly an hour and came back to an empty cabin. It was Sparky’s nap time. We cleaned up and read. I finished the book I started yesterday, Rock a Bye Bones by the same author as the book previous. I wasn’t as impressed with this one. TBG did some work and we settled into a comfortable morning routine.

Lunch came and went with little fussing, Sparky had her iPad and settled into a deck chair on Deck 5, while we headed up to the cabin for our nap.

At two, we met up with Sparky for a wine tasting. I was a little surprised that she wanted to come as she still has a pretty limited wine palate. We sat with two other CCers from our roll call and a retired California wine maker. She was a plethora of information. We tasted five wines and a sparkling wine. We started with Korbel, a fairly well known sparkling wine, at least in California. It was okay, it’s a safe champagne.

Then we moved on to a Blackstone Sauvignon Blanc. It was crisp and okay, like most of the Sauvignon Blancs I’ve had in the past. That was followed by a Pinot Noir Estancia Pinnacle Ranches. Of the five, this was my favorite. It had a good start and a clean finish. It was fruity and fairly light.

We left California now and headed to Argentina for Decero Malbec. This was the wine I was excited to try as Argentina has some very nice wines. This, in the opinion of the table, wasn’t one of them. Its taste was nearly oppressive, as has been my experience with most malbecs. I’m not a fan of the gape, to be honest. However, I think this was Sparky’s favorite, which surprised me.

We finished with an Italian Amarone Zeni Classico. It’s primarily the Corvina grape and it had a nice delivery. However, at $60 a bottle, I will let it pass on the wine list.
Sparky had had enough deck sitting, so we headed back to the cabin and watched The Cat Returns. It restored her faith in Ghibli. By then it was nearly time for dinner, so she headed back to her cabin to change and played slugs and read until it was time to head up.

Dinner was a silly event. All the wait staff was dressed in Mexican garb, although there wasn’t a Mexican entrée on the menu. Still, they were resplendent in their ponchos and sombreros. Because of my clam allergy, the captain brings me the menu for the next day so I can avoid any clam products. It’s usually fairly easy to do. Anyhow, tomorrow is a formal night, so there were extra special items, lobster tails, chateaubriand, etc. We decided it would be a good night to try one of the specialty restaurants. Sparky was very keen on these, so Sabatini’s was open and we made reservations.

The night before TBG had asked about a capriese (sp?) salad, tomato, mozzarella and basil. It was waiting at our table for us. Sparky had a shrimp cocktail and Shrimp Diablo, which wasn’t as hot as she expected. TBG has tempura sushi, cream of garlic soup, and the chicken and leek pot pie that I had a few night prior. I had a smoked salmon and crayfish app, the cream of garlic soup (very yummy) and spaghetti carbonara. For dessert, Sparky had something chocolate and TBG and I had Drambuie soufflés.

Too stuffed for words, we went back to the cabin and watched for Buffy (Once More with Feelings). It was still pretty early, but we parted company when it was over and put our laundry away (it had arrived during the show). Another successful sea day and tomorrow – there’s another one! :D
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