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Panama Day 12 – at sea!

Weather- overcast with little sun, 30 C with calm, but rolling seas.

Woke to a grey day and with spits of rain coming down. I hope that it will clear up tomorrow for the canal, but today is a day of playing catch up. For TBG, it’s reading and sending texts, for Sparky it’s sleep for we had a bit more wave action last night and it unnerved her. For me, it’s writing postcards, taking care of laundry and the like. It’s been so nice to have time to catch up on my reading. I just finished A Dark and Stormy Murder by Julie Buckley. It wasn’t too bad, although a bit predictable. Perhaps that’s because I tend to read a lot in this genre. Still it kept me engrossed.

We had a visitor this morning – a huge butterfly probably about five inches across. It looked like a black beetle with its wings folded.

We had a bit of breakfast this morning. Sparky had told us that she might not join us – we had another time change (an hour forward). As we are under the buffet, the scraping chairs tend to wake us up early. We ate and headed back to the cabin, only leaving to check out the Future Cruise desk. He’d just closed up shop, so we just put our request into the lock box provided. Hmm, another cruise, I wonder where we will go. :D

I spent the morning writing postcards and reading while TBG napped and read. I don’t know if it’s the cloudy weather, but it’s a lazy day. We were just getting our laundry together when Sparky called as asked what we were doing for lunch. That’s when I found out she’d been catching up on her sleep. I worry because she said that she’d like to do a British Isles cruise and that’s the roughest one we’ve been on and we were on one of the bigger ships when we did it. It would be even rockier on a small ship.

She brought her laundry down to put in with ours and we headed up to the buffet. It was good, but I am starting to grow weary of it, as is usually the issue on longer cruises. We sat and talked for a bit, then it was back to the cabin for a nap… which means I slept for about ten minutes and then finished writing the ‘for home’ postcards. I just had to address them, which I eventually got around to.

I started a new book – this is one reason why I love cruising. I have time to read. At home, there just doesn’t seem to be any time. I’d missed Heather Blake’s last two books, but now I had them and the time. I’m currently reading Gone with the Witch, which is a Wishcraft mystery. It’s as good as any of the others and I’m enjoying it.

We went up to the pool to swim, but it was too crowded to do many laps. We met someone from Drytown, just down the road from Sutter Creek in the Foothills. Yesterday, TBG met someone from Stockton, but I didn't get the chance to talk with them. Small world!

Sparky came over and we watched a bit more of Pirates of the Caribbean while we waited for dinner. This was the ‘Italian’ night, but without the usually bells and whistles and limoncello. The menu wasn’t anymore Italian than any other night. Sparky and TBG started with the same app, lychee and watermelon fruit cup while I had the air-cured beef. Then Sparky had the gazpacho and beef stroganoff, while TBG had black bean and the Coq au Vin. I had the same entree, but had a beef and vegetable soup. The Coq au Vin was lovely, but Sparky and TBG thought the stroganoff was missing something.

Dessert was called Coconut Chocolate Dream, and it was coconut and chocolate (surprise!). Both Sparky and TBG had it while I opted for some Rocky Road ice cream. It’s one of the few chocolate things I can eat without getting sick, although it does play havoc with my sinuses.

Afterwards, we finished Pirates and started on The Vicar of Dibley. We’d just finished the series, but Sparky had never seen it and thought it was delightful. Dawn French, what’s not to love? After that, it was off to beddy-bye land and dream of the Canal and our journey from the Pacific to the Atlantic.

Sleep well, everyone!
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