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Panama Day 18 – at sea

Weather – clear blue skies 25 c. with calm seas.

After such a lovely day of extravagances, it was a quiet day. As we were leaving the cabin, there it was – Debarkation Information and our tags (Brown 5, why are we always brown?). It’s hard to believe that we are nearing the end of this journey.

Breakfast was a delight. For some reason, they make white gravy and bacon gravy for their biscuits and gravy, but no sausage. TBG had commented upon this a time or two to the various staff behind the counters. This morning, the supervising chef (Elijah) called him over and presented him with a side of sausage gravy, just for him. It was such a lovely gesture, so we have biscuits and gravy. It’s stuff like this that keeps us coming back to Princess again and again. :D There was, however, no sign of Sparky. I gave her a call and she said she might or might not be there.

After breakfast, we ask Constancio for our large suitcases as we returned to our cabin and started the process of packing away the dive stuff. The fins and masks got a half hour Jacuzzi bath and a good wipe down, then we let them dry in the sun. Everything was shaken out and inspected, one less step to do at home.

TBG went down to the lobby to get extra envelopes and the last name of Elijah, so he could nominate him for a CRUISE reward (it can mean as much as a 10% raise the next time around, which is huge for these guys). I red and dozed a little. I’m not sleeping as well as I was at first, a combination of being used to the Dramamine, just not doing enough to get really tired, or I have finally caught up on all my sleep. Sparky called and we arranged to meet up in Sterlings for their pub lunch.

I dropped off three more books (I’m a reading machine!) and waited for Sterlings to open (this is never really on time). We got a nice little corner table and were surprised by a different menu. Seriously, we’ve been doing the pub lunches forever and it’s always been the same. Instead of fish & chips, steak & kidney pie, Ploughman’s lunch, or bangers and mash, they offered fish & chips, shrimp & chips, chicken curry or something else that escapes me at the moment. We opted for the curry and Sparky had the shrimp and chips. The waitress refused to get Sparky an ice tea, but would go to the downstairs bar for a tonic water. I figured it because the tonic costs and the iced tea doesn’t. We’ve never had that sort of refusal before, though.

Anyhow, the meal came along and was fine. It wasn’t as good as Masa’s curry, but I wasn’t expecting that it would be. Because the bread and butter pudding had been replaced with sherry trifle, TBG and Sparky headed down to the buffet for dessert. I tagged along and had some water. I’m trying to get my head back into ‘land life’ again.

After a nap, while TBG napped and I wrote, he got up and we started packing. It’s amazing how little we bought on this trip. There is actually still room in both suitcases! I called Sparky around 3:30 and she wandered over a bit later and we started watching “Fantastic Creatures” – unfortunately, we had to leave before it was over. That’s twice today. At lunch, we watched all but the last fifteen minutes of “Sing” before having to leave. I suspect we will have to get them when we get home, just to see how they end.

Dinner was our last formal and everyone (or nearly everyone), rolled out their finery and ‘dined’ royally. As we’d had filet mignon and lobster the night before, we were less than excited by the menu.

Sparky started with the roasted tomato soup, followed it by the yogurt and apple cold soup and her entrée was Beef Wellington. TBG started with the pasta course (reduced to app size) of veal ravioli in a porcini mushroom sauce, he followed with the tomato soup, then a salad, then the Beef Wellington, along with another order of the ravioli. I started with a crab, shrimp, and scallop tian with a duo of caviar, then the roasted soup and followed it with the pheasant.

Again, I opted out of dessert, although I did have one petit fours. Both Sparky and TBG had one scoop of two different flavors of ice cream (pralines & cream, tiramisu and mango sorbet, I think). We headed back to the cabin to watch the rest of “Up on Poppy Hill” and another episode of ‘Vicar of Dibley’ – I didn’t realize we’d brought two DVDs along before Sparky announced it was my bedtime and left. I headed for bed to read, but TBG stayed up to watch TV (the coffee in the tiramisu did its work). Tomorrow – another day at sea and the rest of the packing… a bitter sweet moment to be sure.
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