spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

A new Working Stiff

Title: Lost and Found
Genre: Gen
Word count: 2399

Ever wonder who goes behind agents and finds all the stuff they leave behind? Why, a working stuff, of course. My thanks to Sparky for her beta, even while on vacation. Link takes you to AO3

I was sitting there, staring at my tuna sandwich when I heard someone yelling, “Chrissie? Chrissie?”

I looked at it was that nanny. She was carrying one child and dragging the other by the hand. Her hair was all messed up and her face was stained with tears. “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t find Chrissie!” She looked at me like I’d just graduated from idiot school. As much as I wanted to ignore her panic, I just couldn’t. Not when there was a child at stake and not when I could do something about it. I thought back to what I knew about the children. The first two were still young and usually either in a carriage, but the oldest, Chrissie, I’m guessing, was about four and independent. She was a little blonde mischief maker from what I saw. She reminded me of my little brother and he liked nothing better than to play… and I knew in an instant what was going on. Or at least I hoped I did.

I walked a little distance from the nanny and started looking under bushes and behind trees, any place a four year old might think to hide. Finally, I shouted “Come out, come out wherever you are!”

A bush not far away began to shiver and suddenly Chrissie burst out, laughing. “I won! I won!” She ran up to me, her little cheeks all red from joy and clapped her hands. “That was fun.”
Tags: gen fic, working stiffs
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