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This morning TBG is taking the car in to have its window replaced. Frustrated, he called our AAA travel agent and within fifteen minutes, everything had been resolved. She stayed with him through the claims process as a silent back up. Now, that in my opinion is good customer service. She literally saved her company from losing a 35+ year account.

Work wasn't too bad for a Monday. Dennis was forced to do his job, which he doesn't much care to do. Seriously, if he would stay in his office for more than ten minutes at a time, he could get so much accomplished. He'd rather stay in the scene shop and BS with the guys back there. They come to me complaining that they can't get any work done because he's always bothering them. Sigh... he's headed for the perfect storm. He wants to take five weeks off in November - the worst time of the year for the AD to be gone - and he wants to be paid for it. He wants to do a show with full male frontal nudity, mostly because he wants to shock and 'wake up' our audience. He has no idea who are audience is, nor does he care. Just when you think it can't get any stranger, theatre always does...

Started working on the next Raven square. Of all the squares, it's got the most fiddly bits and there are lots of color decisions to make. It's also going to be a challenge to get it laid out properly. As I was looking for some different material to use, I found all these unfinished quilting bits - they are all quilted, just not finished. I suppose a decision needs to be made for them and their future. They are doing any good in a box. Hello, Christmas gifts!

I will wish everyone a good Tuesday. These are never a high point for me, but I've gotten some sleep, nothing hurts and there shouldn't be any major blow ups on my desk... fingers crossed for all of us!
Tags: car repair, quilting, sct, work
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