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This falls under the "You have got to be kidding" banner

Last week, a block-long building was closed down on Miracle Mile for numerous health and safety violations. Among the seven businesses that closed was Centrale's. A former student of mine was the bartender and head of catering there. We dined there many times and even had Kevin's good bye party there. It was one of our favorite spots downtown and we will miss it. There was also a theatre, a coffee house and a Mexican restaurant that have shut down as well.

This comes on the heels of a huge fire at a pallet company that resulted in five homes being destroyed. The victims claimed that they filed numerous complaints with the fire department, but that they did nothing. The owner is a guy called Kit Bennett.

Araceli just pointed out that Kit is the husband of the lead singer for 'Super Trooper'. We have visited their home for charity events. The house is just this short of a mansion with a gorgeous back yard, a school and vineyard... and now to find out he's the 'slumlord' that the paper is going on about.

Even stranger, there's already notice that something else (a pub) is going in at Centrale's location... to the annoyance of Centrale's owner. They are suing... it's going to get ugly.

Talk about weird...
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