spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

So Happy!

Thanks to plant_lady60, guess what I am going to be seeing in the theater this weekend!

I'm so excited! We had nothing to do this weekend, so this will be perfect. I can't wait! Best of all, they will be doing this all year long - one a month. For a Ghibli fan, this is the best news ever! Thanks again, plant_lady60!

In other news, we had a really nice evening with Barb. It's so nice to have the old Barb back. She is no longer angry and bitter, but now clever and witty again. Dinner came out great and everything was perfect. She left about eight and we cleaned up and went upstairs. TBG was working on repairing a sprinkler for the complex and I was reading and *bam* no power. Apparently someone cut the wrong wire and 2,500 homes went dark. Thankfully, it was only about an hour and it had started to cool down (91!), so we survived okay. Sure was happy it wasn't longer!

Today we peak and then we should start cooling off. The thought of 90 degrees (by Monday) is very seducing at the moment. I'm just hoping that there won't be an issue at the Wine Tasting on Friday. It's still supposed to hit 102 that day. Hot, hot, hot. I am betting it is going to thin the crowd some.

Here's hoping everyone has a good Thursday, it's nearly Friday and the last weekend in June. How the hell did that happen?
Tags: food, friends, totoro, weekends
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