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Getting to Know You (again)!

With the 50th anniversary of the end of MFU fast approaching, we thought it might be a good time to reconnect with all our cousins and just have a shake and howdy.

So, our invitation and our challenge to you, drop into your favorite MFU community and say ‘Hi!”

The Canteen was created with everyone in mind. This is a place to just hang out, ask the random MFU question, or perhaps to discuss Doctor Who’s latest regeneration, or even wax poetic over Sherlock Holmes. Post a question, photo, a story, a video, there are no off topic questions here, just folks ready to discuss everything and anything.

Our aim has been to create a safe zone where everyone feels free to discuss whatever comes to mind. We are gen, het, and slash friendly and always ready to welcome a new cousin into the fold.
We hope to see you around the Canteen soon! And don't forget these other classic MFU communities that would appreciate your support:

Network Command - We welcome stories and artwork of all types, in all genres and of all ratings, and we particularly encourage experimental work.

MUNCLE - We are a slash community, but we chat about anything MFU.

mfuwss - Writing help for MFU fanfic writers.

mfu_shortstories - This community posts links to Man From UNCLE short story fiction every day for the members' reading pleasure.

Mfuficfind - This site is primarily dedicated to helping people look for "Man From UNCLE" stories that they read in the past and want to read again but can't find the link. Or, for people who heard about a good MFU story and want to locate it. You can also ask for help finding movies, videos, episodes, or whatever else you can think of.

Please check out these and all the other fine MFU communities in Life Journal. Links are at the left of this page.
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