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So today we are off to see Kiki's Delivery Service. it's not my favorite of Miyazaki's, but it's in a comfy theatre with good a/c.

Yesterday was a very odd day. I just could not get going. First I slept in until nearly sick and woke up to TBG asking me if I was okay. Even after coffee, I dragged myself through the shopping, then cleaning as we had Barb joining us for dinner. It wasn't until nearly four when I was able to shake off the tiredness and come back to life. Just in time to do the cooking, too. We started with stuffed mushroom, which I won't be doing again. I didn't like the stuffing (cheese and spinach) and they were tough. he had some Prosecco to go with them.

The next course was a spinach salad, topped with candied pecans, dried cranberries and blue cheese. I made up a fast dressing and it went pretty well. The entrée was stuffed meatloaf (made with ground pork, Italian sausage and ground beef, 'mashed' cauliflower (it was a prefab and I didn't like it as all) and then some lemon carrots. For dessert, I made chocolate mousse (from one of the few mixes I can actually eat - no idea why). Served Unruly Red to do along with it. We basically sat and ate. laughed and enjoyed each other's company. We talked a little about work, but not too much.

This was in contrast to the evening we spent at the Brittos. We arrived to them putting out chips and salsa. Odd for a Chinese meal. John announced he was ordering from Dave Wong's. No more cooking for him. He also announced that a former student was stopping by. He was supposed to have been there and gone before we arrived, but he showed up fifteen minutes after we did and the conversation was all about him and what he was doing and how important John was to his success. I think I said about five words. Then John announced Dan was joining us for dinner and Irene and I had to pick the dishes out.

The guys went to pick up the food, which gave Irene time to talk, but by then she was already pretty snockered. I feel badly for her as she has lost six relatives, including a brother, her mother and father within the past four months. She says she's numb and I can see how tired she is. Her new job is working her 12-15 hours a day - she's salaried, so no over time. She hates it, but John said she can't quit (we didn't go into why). Finally at ten Dan left and we were there for about fifteen minutes when Irene announced I was tired and needed to go to bed. Granted, I was, but I did feel rushed out of there.

At home, Chris admitted that he felt like they only had us over because John wanted him to load his new laptop and Irene wanted to ask me a question about their fence. It was weird, but it wasn't fun, that's for sure. It makes me sad because we used to be so close and now - nothing.

Anyhow, it's Sunday. My house is clean, I've made fresh peach cobbler for dessert tonight. In less than an hour, my hunny bunny and I are headed out for lunch and then a movie. Best of all, it will be a quiet night at home with the pusses. Black bean soup for dinner and maybe a movie. It will be nice.
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