spikesgirl58 (spikesgirl58) wrote,

Boo hiss

Just found out that Jim Coleman will not be our director for Mamma Mia. I like Jim and he's so talented. However, during A Little Night Music. he broke his leg and it still hasn't healed properly. He's in in 70's and his health isn't good, so I suspect that is playing into it. However, the good news is that James Reed will be taking over and I adore James. We actually started co-directing together. He's gone on to direct some of our biggest shows, so this will be fun... providing he still wants me to do props. :D Fingers crossed!

The dancing went on until nearly midnight and people had a blast. I'm so delighted that it went over so well. It was our largest audience ever and I think part of that was because of the dancing. So, good idea on Dominee's part. We crawled home much earlier than that, but it was a pretty okay evening, all in all.
Tags: mammia mia, theatre
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