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Written for the Drabble challenge - prompt is 'sunk'

“Illya.” A soft sing-song whisper. “Are you awake?”

“No, I’m not.”


“Not again, Napoleon. I am tired.”

“Please, please, please.” It’s not unlike him to beg. THRUSH will never see it. With me, on the other hand, he has no shame and I have no resistance. I am sinking into that voice. “No. Can’t you… take care of it?”

“It’s always better with you.”


“Why not?” His fingers are gently tickling my hair, his lips brushing my ear. “I need it.”

“All right. I will get you a glass of milk.”

“And cookies?”

“And cookies.”

I am sunk


Illya ducked as the bullet chuffed into the boat’s wood. “Any more rounds?”

"I’m empty. You?”

The water was coming into the boat at an alarming rate. It was going down and them with it.
“The good part is that we won’t drown.”

“There’s a good part? Why’s that?”


“Save two bullets, Illya.”


“One for you and one for me. I don’t intent on drowning or being eaten alive.”

More gunfire all around them. “I never took you for suicide, Napoleon.”

“When it’s the better option, I’d rather die from your hand…” Then the boat bumped the shore.
Tags: drabbles, mfu
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