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The Firday Five for August 18, 2017

For the record -  From the Merrium/Webster online dictionary - Anal or anal-retentive - giving too much attention to details in a way that annoys other people.

1. What are you anal about?
2. Why that and not something else?

3. Are you more or less anal than you were as a young person?

4. When you are suddenly confronted by a situation over which you have no control, what do you do first?

5. Do you wish you could be more or less attentive these days?

When it's my turn to post, I should really useeasier questions...

1.  Oh, so many thing, although not on purpose.  The worst is when I'm cooking, but that isn't my fault.  I was taught to keep my work area clean - really clean.  In a professional kitchen, that usually meant putting dirty items onto a tray to be taken to the wash-up station.  We each took it in turn, so it wasn't too bad.  At home, I'm both and I'm constantly stopping the cooking process so I can clean up.  TBG has learned that it's more help to me to keep the dishes washed.  Dirty dishes and I can't concentrate.  I'm working on it, though.

2. We were taught to keep our area clean to avoid cross contamination.  Not as much of an issues at home, but there you have it.

3.  Way more - unfortunately.

4.  Panic, of course, then I try to focus on the immediate needs right in front of me instead of the big picture.

5.  Much less, but work demands it - hell, the Internet demands it.  Make a mistake here and it feels like the world descends upon you.
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