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See icon... see Charlie yawn. Yawn, yawn, yawn

Oh, boy, they say the mark of a good vacation is needing another one to recover from it. We had a very good vacation then. I can barely keep my eyes open and that's a good seven hours of sleep and three cups of coffee. If I had the nerve, I'd call in sick. However, unlike other members of our office team, I have scruples and only call in sick when I'm actually too sick (it's amazing how only having five sick days and being hourly improves attendance).

We met our friends up at Sutter Creek. We got in about one and had lunch, then headed over to the hotel. thankfully our room was ready and we relaxed a bit as we waited for our friends to arrive. They tend to operate in their own time zone, so a thirty minute trip took them about two hours. They had the room next to us, so while Mike napped, Rose came over to visit. Then Wendy arrived, freshly showered and grinning. Goddess, I forget how beautiful she is. Finally Mike. At 71, he's moving much slower than the rest of us and it was a challenge to keep the pace down so that he could keep up. This is sort of sad because he used to be able to work the rest of us into the ground.

The first night, we ate at the Imperial Hotel. We've requested outside, but somehow that message didn't quite get there, so we opted to stay in. While there we visited the garden and the two resident cats, Blondie, a blond Maine Coon and George, a silver tabby, both showed up for their requisite number of pets. Dinner was good and the wine, an Old Vine Zin from Sobon went right down. It was an early night, though, as the Rives were on East Coast time.

Next - the great camping adventure!
Tags: cats, foothills, friends
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