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Bunkhouse - ho!

I have a bit of free time now, so up to the mountains we go.

We set up to meet the Rives at seven in the morning, aware that they would still be on East Coast time. True to form, they were up and ready almost on time - they tend to have their own time keeping style. First we headed over to The Old Well for breakfast and were sad to hear that Joyce, the long-time waitress had retired. Now Ed is running the place by himself (and looking for help) and we had a good solid breakfast to get us started.

After breakfast, we headed over to Safeway with our shopping list in hand. We managed to get everything on the list, only forgetting the cucumber... alas. It seemed to take forever to find stuff as it was backwards from our store. They still had the old style of self checker and we put it through its paces. We loaded all the non-perishables into the Rives's car, the perishables into ours and then headed for Sobon.

Sobon Winery is one of our favorite places to stop when we are in the Foothills. We originally stopped there to ask for directions to Morse Winery. I bought something mostly to thank them for their help and discovered that I really liked their wines. Now we always stop. I bought a case of wine (not all for the bunkhouse) and thus sustained, we headed for the bunkhouse along Sly Park Road. It was a bit twisty and I was riding with Mike and Wendy while Rose rode with TBG. It's a bit funny to think of me as a guide as I tend to get lost in the bathroom between the sink and the toilet.

However, my memory was pretty good and we got to the bunkhouse only about twenty minutes ahead of TBG and Rose. We unloaded (boy, was it easy with five people) and I plunged into making grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch. We also had some potato salad and coleslaw, with brownies and cookies to finish.

The afternoon was mostly spent relaxing and getting our lungs to accept the higher altitude air. For dinner, we did barbecued ribs, baked beans with red onions and mango and grilled corn. By the time we finished with these, we were too stuffed for dessert. While we girls cleaned up, the guys started the camp fire. We sat around, drinking wine and lemoncello and laughed much of the night away. Wendy had never seen the Milky Way before and was it out in all its splendor. it was a great end to our day and we happily tumbled into bed, while Wendy retired to her tent (she slept outside by choice - there was a bed for her). The day might have gone better, but I don't know how. :D
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