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Well, that wasn't so bad.

It took a while, but I got Sceona's desk sort out into three or four piles and then further sorted it from there. At least there will be no more surprises from there. Got all the bills paid, including late charges and Jay said that she was going to take care of putting in the daily cash receipts and doing all the tax stuff, along with payroll. She has my blessings.

Today I tackling her e mail - only 2747 e mails, mostly junk from the looks of it, although I did see some of my sent e mails mixed in, along with others.

We actually had a bit of rain last night. Not really enough to matter, but our first rain of the season - yay! We dashed over after dinner and took down the strings of paper lanterns around Jeff's pool. Jeff was after that the rain would damage them, given their age and it was something he wanted to de before our trip. On the way back, we saw Irene returning from work, so we stopped for a few seconds and chatted with her and John. It was like old times.

Our friends in Orlando did fine in the hurricane, not even so much as a lost shingle off their roof. All of Mike's hard work paid off. Rose is recovering well from her surgery. It is breast cancer, but they said that it hadn't spread and was in Stage One. She will be going to her oncologist on Friday to discuss future treatments. She is upbeat and sounded better than she had in a long time. Thanks for your well wishes - they seem to have done the trick!

Hope you are all doing well, my dears. Not sure how much time I can spend with you today, but I will try to pop in.

May the day favor us.
Tags: friends, rain, sct, theatre
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