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And once more into the beach

Not much time today (I actually bunnied this morning and slept in).  Just got back from our swim and we are about to head out for breakfast.

Yesterday TBG and Jeff hit Pearl Harbor in the morning and Jeff was so touched by the oil sheens on the water surface.  Having something so beautiful come from something so awful seems a juxtapostion.  At 10:30, they picked me up at the hotel and we headed out to Ala Moana Shopping Mall.  Spent a lovely time theree, but didn't do much for the local economy.  I did buy some Crazy Shirts, though.  :D

We ate at the food court (we found a place that served soups and salads and both Jeff and I were craving salad).  Then sustained, we drove up to Punchbowl and looked around.  The view is amazing up there and it is so peaceful and serene.  While we were there, a soldier was being laid to rest.  Attending was a four-star general.

We then drove over to Toilet Bowl (Hanauma Bay) and did a bit of sightseeing. While there, we met a little kitten (photo to follow).

Got back to the hotel and had a bit of a rest before heading over to the Hua Tree for dinner. OMG, what a meal. We were right on the beach under a huge tree. The view of Waikiki beach was fabulous, but nothing compared to the food. Jeff had a spinach salad with shrimp, I had gazpacho and TBG had a Caprisi salad, then Jeff followed with shrimp scampi, TBG had Opakapaka with a leek marmalade and I had the best ahi I'd ever had in my life. OMG, I am still salivating Then they brought a slice of Dutch apple cake with a candle. I have photos, but they will have to wait until later, for the car is here and we are out the door.
Tags: food, hawaii, tbg
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