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Fiji - Day 10

Fiji – Day 10

The day started out with really fast Internet connection. This was a glorious thing for a LJ-starved person, although it didn’t stay up for very long. It’s very dicey here, coming and going like a tropical storm.

Today was the exchange day – the folks on the three-day cruise were heading back to Port Deneru and the four-day cruisers were coming on board. The rest of us seven-day cruisers, spent the afternoon on the shore of Yalobi Bay, part of Waya Island (can you tell I found a source for the names - :D). A picnic lunch was packed for each of us (sandwich, a piece of fruit, a sweet muffin and water) and we headed in for the afternoon. I honestly think it’s a way to get rid of us while they clean and make everything tidy for the new people.

We got to shore, found our umbrella and walked to the opposite shore where the waters seemed calmer. We paddled around there until our guide asked us to please go back with the group. We thought it was because it was too hard to keep an eye on u, but it was actually because some of the not so nice sharks were reported there.

The snorkeling was lackluster, but the food was good – I had a grilled fish sandwich that was to die for. The guys had chicken. I had an orange, they had apples, but we all had the same muffin - left over from tea. Then it was back in the water for some more swimming. Snorkeling suck. TBG finally found some good snorkeling, but I was bushed by then. When a tender arrived, offering to take people back, I jumped at the idea. TBG and Jeff stayed for another hour or so. It gave me a chance to clean up and have a bit of me time in the cabin.

TBG arrived back and was tired but exhilarated. He’d had a good time on shore and was ready for a shower. He reported seeing a lot of triggers in the area, which is nice for him but not for the coral – they chew on it and kill it. We could see partially eaten brain coral (the irony was not lost one us).

We relaxed in the cabin until it was time to head up to the Sky Bar, but it was far too windy to stay, so we moved back down to the lounge bar where we were joined by Harry, a 17 year old lad from Auckland. He and TBG got into a rousing discussion of LotR while we sipped cocktails and ate peanuts (at least until the night’s apps of spring rolls and deep fried wontons arrived).

Dinner was a plated affair and we were joined by Rita and Alvin, from Germany.    Dinner was a spicy affair, all in all. We started with a chicken salad with slaw and cellophane noodles or a beef roulade similar to the first night. We all had chicken. The soup was either a spicy seafood or a tomato and orange soup. I tried the seafood – very spicy, but so tasty, while the guys had the other, which they reported was also spicy. There were three entrees – a vegetarian eggplant taurine (I think), a chicken and sea food dish (Rita had this and said it was good), but the rest of us had a crusted pork with mashed potatoes and veggies. Very, very tasty. For dessert, there was a choice of chocolate mousse or cheese cake with ship made ice cream. The guys had the former, I had the later. I didn’t care for the cheese cake, but the fresh fruit topping and the ice cream were great. TBG took care of the cheese cake.

The Captain said that we might be in for some weather and to say a prayer to the Almighty for calm seas. They certainly seemed calm to me as we tucked ourselves into our comfy bed (the linens here are incredible – so soft and cool, no matter what). Sleep well, everyone.

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