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Fiji - Day 13

The seas weren’t as rough as the Captain feared, but there were a few patches of rocking and rolling.  We left partway through breakfast for our next destination to visit a local school.  They found that when children showed their visitors around the school, their classroom, their work, they make a personal connection which resulted in larger contributions.  And no school needs them more than this one.  It is currently being housed under tents, also a victim of the typhoon that hit here a couple of years ago. 

Mere (pronounced Merry) was the leader for the guys.  I was having an issue with my back and opted out of getting into a rocky tender and walking for 45 minutes in the sun.  TBG had been anticipating this particular part of the trip very much and had bought two soccer balls and pumps, along with a solar calculator and some flash drives.  Jeff brought books. 
took the time to catch up on line and to do some reading and posting.  I can’t believe how far behind I am with my f list and everything else.  Sigh. 

Everyone arrived back just in time for tea, but I didn’t see the guys.  I was tucked into a corner to avoid the sun and they missed me.  I caught up with TBG back in the cabin and he told me all about his adventures on shore. 

The one thing the school needs more than anything is water.  Only teachers and a select groups actually are allowed to have water at school – the rest have to bring their water from home.  It is a theme we saw and heard many times this trip.  All this beauty, all this water and they struggle to have enough drinking water.  It’s the harsh reality of their lives.

TBG had had enough snorkeling and whatnot and honestly, so had my back, so we opted to keep our gear dry and started the task of packing.  It wouldn’t seem such a task, but the snorkel equipment had to be put in the bottom of the case.  Everything needed to come out and then put back.  Of course, nothing seems to fit after you do that.  Hopefully they will let us on the plane tomorrow. 
He had also figured out how to get the TV to play, so we watched some old favorites (Despicable Me & Minions – what a surprise!) and a new one – Blame it on Rio. I’d seen that one before, but it was new to TBG. 

At six, we went upstairs to attend happy hour.  Just as the Captain arrived for the kava ceremony, they announced dinner was ready and to come downstairs.  Poor Captain.  They moved everything to the lounge bar, where there was dancing and carrying on until late at night – I know we could hear the pounding of the music until at least 11, when I finally fell asleep.

Dinner was a barbecue, but nothing like what I have for barbecue.  There were baked potatoes and taro, roasted vegetables, stewed chicken, lamb chops, ahi, and salads.  Dessert was tiramisu, fruit tarts and lemon cake.  As I said, nothing like what I serve for a barbecue, but it was all yummy.

As appealing as the thought of disco night was, it was time for me to head for bed.  Tomorrow, it’s back to Honolulu, via Western Samoa.
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