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Day 15 - Back in Honolulu again

But only for a few hours. We fly out to The Big Island of Hawaii this afternoon and I am excited, even though it signals the impending end of the trip.
Slept well enough once I got to sleep and woke up about seven. I was little goofy feeling, but another cup of coffee will fix that. The flight to Hilo was a little crazy, but only because there are seven flights a day there and you have to know which one you are on. TBG had resumed his good mood and even got our boarding passes printed at the hotel. While he was doing it, he managed to grab the exit row seats for us. That meant extra leg room for the guys.

TBG wandered off and I got a little crazy thinking we were going to miss our flight, but then Jeff pointed out the boarding time and, yeah, nothing to worry about. TBG showed up with eggrolls. This was great because we’d just had a light breakfast and Jeff had passed entirely. The eggs rolls were fresh and huge and delicious! :D

There was a delay for baggage, but we got in just a few minutes behind our scheduled time. There was a long walk from the gate to baggage and I was reminded of the first time we flew into Hilo, arriving what seemed like the middle of the night – it was six pm, I think – and wondering why they had the heat on so high. This was before TBG pointed out the lack of walls. Oh, the memories!

First order of business after getting the luggage and the car was getting Jeff’s prescription refilled for the few remaining days that we are here. We dropped him off at Walgreens and we went to Safeway to pick up some water and wine. We got back and there was no sign of him at the pharmacy. Turns out he’d found the souvenir section and had purchased a mess of stuff. He happily announced he was done shopping. I just laughed. I haven’t even started, although I did get some stuff in Fiji. I was holding off until here.

We headed up the hill and got to Hale Ohia at about four. We were thrilled that Michael was in residence for our stay and that there are two new kitties. Pumpkin and Mama – both are still too shy to approach guests, but it was great to see the additions. Even better, Pumpkin is a dead ringer for Dixon, the former cat in residence.

We invited Mike to dinner, but he passed saying he’d gotten up early that morning, but promised we’d do dinner the next evening. There is a new restaurant that opened and he is giving it high marks. We are only here for three nights, so we have to pick wisely.

We went to our rooms and Jeff just loved the Camilla room. He has given this place high praise and rightly so. We got into the Lehua cottage and settled in. I did a little quilting, but it’s nearly impossible without a hoop – mine broke on the plane ride from Apea to Honolulu. And we found out – there’s no Wi-Fi in the Lehua Cottage. I’m beginning to sense a theme on this trip. Someone wants me off line for a while. I am never going to get caught up with my f list.
Jeff came over a bit after five for some wine and to just soak up the ambiance of the cottage. He kept saying how much his daughter and her partner would love this place. We talked for a bit and then it was time to head over to The Kilauea Lodge for dinner. It’s a B&B with a wonderful restaurant attached. I was thrilled that we had been able to get reservations. Thankfully, our tums are still on Fijian time, so eating at 6:30 wasn’t a problem.

They put us in a table in the back and it was perfect. It reminded Jeff of what we had told him about our table on the Ocean Princess, tucked away and semi-private. We had Ellen, a waitress we’ve known for years and that was a delight as well, although they were far too busy for her to talk with us.

We started with cocktails and they were HUGE. Wow. We’d ordered dinner before they arrived or I wouldn’t have ordered wine with my meal (each entrée is paired with what the chef thinks is the perfect wine to compliment it). Jeff had a Caesar Salad with a lobster tail (and a glass of viognier), TBG had Chicken Tuscany and stuck with his drink and water as he was our driver and I had antelope (yup, you read that right – it’s the only place I know that has antelope on its menu as a regular entree) with a shiraz. We all started with soup, Jeff and I had mushroom with just a hint of coconut milk and topped with roasted coconut and TBG had cream of celery and it proved to me that a cream of celery soup can taste good. Best of all, we have the recipe. The meal was fabulous, but *alas* my phone was dead and TBG and Jeff didn’t bring theirs. Grumble… Jeff said it was the best Caesar that he’d ever had and praised the restaurant to the stars and back. Our feelings, too. :D

Afterwards, we took Jeff over to see Madame Pele at work. We stopped at a lookout so he could see her glow against the sky. With the full moon, it was exquisite. Again, me with no camera. I was very annoyed. After that, it was time to get tucked in for bed. It feels so good to be home. Well, our second home at any rate.
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