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Some Halloween fun

Go ahead and cut and past into your own journal with your answers!   

1.      First Costume you remember wearing: A lion costume. I loved it because it had a tail.

2. What was your costume last year? Nothing – I don’t dress up

3. Favorite Horror Movie? The Mummy (with Branden Frasier)

4. Favorite Candy? Babe Ruths

5. Where do/did you Trick or treat? My mum or my aunt would take us into Barre.

6. Did your parents inspect your candy? Didn’t need to back then. I loved the homemade treats we got.

7. What costume would you be most scared of? I’m not frightened of costumes but rather the person wearing it.

8. Ever play a "trick" on someone that didn't give you a treat? Would dream of it.

9. Is Halloween your favorite Holiday? You betcha! :D

10. Favorite Halloween themed song? Deadman’s Party

11. Favorite Animated Halloween themed movie? Nightmare before Christmas

12. Do you host/attend Halloween parties? Yes, we try to have one every year for either our friends or for the theatre volunteers.

13. Hint about this year’s costume? See Answer #2

14.  Will you give out candy this Halloween?  Yes. 

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