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Just checking in

I can hear the rain outside. We aren't supposed to get a lot, but even sprinkles are welcomed at this time of the year. They were reporting from 2 to 4 inches up on the passes, which is another step in the right direction. The day is going to be cold and gloomy, just the sort of day to curl up in front of the fire with a book and some cats. So, of course, that isn't likely to happen.

We have finally switched into theatre mode and attended a run through of the first act of Mamma Mia last night. They had just finished blocking it, so it was a stumble through, but it was still good enough to give me a very warm feeling. It was nice to connect with old friends. David is playing Harry and he was in the very first summer show (Chess I did with Delta. And Mark Z was visiting. He was in the first show (Oklahoma!)I designed for Delta. It was great to see them and garner hugs from them.

We were able to meet up with all the guys that will need flippers and will call the dive shop today. Hopefully there will be some we can use, as they need to start working with them - they are actually moving the set with them on, so the more practice they have, the better.

Also made plans to meet up with Sarah, one of the directors, to go out to the warehouse this afternoon. And yesterday I was commenting on how glad I was that this weekend will be a good one because the warehouse is miserable in the gloom... and now that misery will be mine. Oh, well, she had to work this weekend and I really wanted a director on site when I started pulling props. it makes it so much easier in the long run to not have to go back and forth.

Otherwise, I think we are finally 'home' from vacation - jet lag is gone, that odd, one-step-out-of-sync is gone and things went well with Araceli this week. She has taken up most of Sceona's functions and it's working out fine so far. We have always worked well together in the past and the one thing you can fault is her work ethic. It also makes sense as more and more ticket sales shift from the box office to on line. We are nearly at the halfway point and I think that will grow as our older patrons leave us and are replaced by younger, more computer comfortable folks. There will always be people who want the human interaction, but this way she doesn't have to worry about her hours being cut. She's also willing to delegate, so I've been happily busy this week, too.

I hope that everyone here has had a tolerable week and are looking forward to the weekend. Autumn has finally arrived, Halloween is nearly here and it's only a branch scratching the study window... of course, it is...
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