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Getting down to the wire here

Last night marked the three-week point for the opening of the show. I was handed two more props, both taken care now, but I'm still struggling with the sign for Donna and the Dynamos. I have a perfectly good sign, but the director wants the actual actresses in their outfits for the poster. The line is 'We were so young' - so that makes no sense to me. Of course, what we think means zip when the director wants something else. In the world of theatre, the director's word is law and I'm okay with that. it just doesn't make sense to me...

Also last night one of our guests for the upcoming dinner party told us she doesn't eat meat anymore. Okay, so that kills the apps and the main entrée for her. This means we have to think of something else to offer her, although she admitted that she probably wasn't coming at all. Sigh... and this is why we tend to stick to our immediate circle of friends. The only other person I would consider inviting is out of town... grumble... Oh, well, it is what it is.

We spoke with Mike about Rose and he nixed any plans of us visiting. He said she's a bit of a bear right now and just wants to be left alone for the most part. We promised to call on weekends and I've gotten some cards together to mail to her. Hopefully, that will help. He reassured us that this is just a 'clean up' to insure nothing is left. I hope so. My thanks to everyone for their kind wishes. I have forwarded all that good energy to Rose.

Work has been going really well - hell for Araceli as she gets her ducks in a row, but great for me. There's been enough work to keep busy and I'm loving the feel in the office again. That had been missing for a long time. It's nice to be able to look forward to work again. And Mamma Mia stands at 47% sold and that's before the post card has gone out. People should start receiving it on Friday and come Monday, life could be really interesting. :D

Rock on, everyone. I hope your week has been tolerable so far.
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