January 5th, 2016

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It's raining, it's pouring

And I do believe some snoring is occurring. The second of two big storms is pushing through giving us some much needed rain. They cycle through at late night and morning, leaving us sunny by the afternoon. They say we should be dry and sunny this weekend, unless we aren't. I love weather forecasters.

Yesterday was back to work for many. It was a slow bit of going for me with Araceli back to work after being off for two weeks. The only thing that kept me awake last week was doing her stuff. Perhaps with Sceona back today (I hope before I leave for the day) will be enough to keep things lively.

No, yesterday it was all action away from work. On Saturday we discovered a mass on Jenny's left flank. By Sunday she had licked it into a gapping sore about the size of a nickel. Took her in to the vet and he kept her overnight to flush it out and treat it. While she was sedated, he was going to clean her teeth as well. I worry about her being sedated because of her seizures, but there were no phone calls last night, so I am hoping to bring her home today. Should make life interesting for a while.

When I came home for lunch, there was someone parked in one of our designated slots. That happens and because I walked, it was no big deal. It was a bigger deal when I came home from work and had nowhere to park because of it still being in the spot. TBG had used my spot. No matter, we grabbed the cats (Pye needed shots) and went to the vet.

Got back a five and it was still there. Fuming, I was ready to write a nasty note for whomever parked there, but TBG saw a name and number on a tag and called it. Seems the vehicle had been stolen that morning (the wife had started it and left it running when she went into the house for something. Came out and it was gone) and ditched in our spot. The guy was pretty darn happy, even happier when he saw it and it hadn't been trashed in any way. It took the cops two hours to show, but they finally did and the man took his truck home. What a crazy day, but at least it had a good ending.