January 22nd, 2016

just beware

The Friday Five for 1/22/16

Today's questions are brought to us by the letter F, the number 5, spacefem on livejournal.

1) What celebrity death affected you the most (all time)?
2) What celebrity couple were you happy to see together?
3) What celebrity couple breakup were you the most shocked by?
4) You could replace your parents with two famous people, who would they be?
5) Do we spend too much time talking about celebrities?

1. The hardest one was Peter Sellers. He wasn't a very good person, but he was a helluva actor. He made me laugh until I couldn't draw a breath. That's not the reason it affected me the most - it was the first one in my very sheltered life.

2. No idea on this one

3. Ditto

4. None. My folks were great, not perfect but great!

5. Yup. I think more attention to be paid to firefighters, police and teachers - they are the real heroes.
Carpe Diem

yay, Friday!

So do you have something in the house you've repaired a dozen times and still you don't toss it?

Are you ready for tax season (for those in the US)?

How many unframed posters/pictures do you have up on the walls?