January 23rd, 2016

i see you 2

Finally getting around to an update...

I mean to do these on Friday, but somehow the week just gets away from me.

Finally went to see the new SW movie and I was underwhelmed. Even TBG didn't stay to see the credits, although he liked it better than me. The battles seemed to go on forever and I didn't have the same sense of victory that the first movie had. The new leads are okay, but I didn't fall in love with them the way I had Luke, Leia and Han. Perhaps it is my age, the fact that there were only nine people in the theatre, but there was no 'on the edge of my seat' moments. Heavy sigh. I wanted to be swept away. I wasn't.

Afterwards we had dinner with friends, both of whom are having heart issues. It sort of drove home that we aren't getting any younger and that health is slowly become the center of our universe. It's hard when thinking about years gone by and all the fun we used to have. Plus they've both lost their spouses and that adds to the sadness of knowing no matter what we have, it will never be what we had.

Boy, I'm a barrel of laughs today.

At least, it's been raining...
butterfly on flower

just wondering

Do you wash out your favorite coffee/tea cup after every use or just rinse it out?

How often do you change your bed sheets?

When did you make the last back up of your hard drive?

Bonus question:

Did you ever ride a skateboard?