January 29th, 2016

Rangi 2

Grabbed from Nakeisha - who else?

You Are Powerful

You have the determination and drive to get anything done. You won't be stopped.
You know your strengths, and you play know how them up. You compensate nicely for your weaknesses.

You are hardcore and tough. You don't give in to your weaknesses.
People don't know at first glance how strong you are. You are always defying expectations.

Um, I don't see myself as powerful. Stubborn, yes, strong, yes, but powerful, at least not now. Interesting result, though
My default

I really should be working

I'm at work - the only one in the building until nine and then it will be CJ in the back. No one is scheduled to come in today while I'm here. At least it will give me a chance to work on my new project.

Struggling with yet another (the same?) UTI and added bladder infection. The meds only seem to be half helping this time and I'm hoping that stuff will start working or that the bladder will calm the f down. Sigh... apparently, my trigger is stress. I should remove stress from my life - and that is easier said than done when you work for a living. Sparky sent me an article with was filled with lots of helpful tips, except some were a little *um* out there - douching with yogurt? - I don't think so.

This week, work was a pip, but I'm not going to dwell upon it as fitting with my new 'who gives a crap' attitude that I'm apparently supposed to have towards stuff in the past. I have a shiny new project that I'm looking forward to starting and there's a weekend of nothing but relaxing ahead.

We are supposed to be getting some good storms this weekend, but they are going around Stockton. Oh well, at least the mountains will be getting more snow.

Have a fabulous weekend, cousins, and here's to a shiny new week ahead.
sideways owl

In my dreams

Have you ever been dreaming and woken up and couldn’t move?

Have you ever had a flying dream?

Have you ever been falling in a dream and just when you are about to hit the ground you wake up?

Bonus - Did you ever own: