February 5th, 2016

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Nakiesha strikes again and I willingly follow

You are Romantic

You have an idealized version of how things should be. You seek a life full of emotion and passion. From an early age, you've known exactly what you've wanted, and you don't let anything or anyone block your path.

You are polite because rudeness never gets anyone anywhere. You know how to act in order to get your way.
You aren't exactly manipulative, but you do believe in charming people whenever you can. You like them to think they've won.

You are old-fashioned in that you still believe in love, meaning, and standing up for what you believe in.
You have a strong personality, but you have a light touch. There's more fire to you than others realize.

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happy steel

A new Sapphire and Steel fic

Title: The Things We Do for Love
Writer: Spikesgirl58
Word count: 500
Prompt: Element Flash February - Underwear

My thanks to Sparky for her beta help.

“Are you sure this is entirely necessary?” Steel pulled on a shirt and began to button it. He always felt clumsy at dressing like this. It was easier just to think the clothes on, but Sapphire insisted.

Astra wandered in, involved in some grand adventure with a teddy bear, a plastic cup and four marbles. She sat and began a long conversation with them.

“If we are to have her develop properly, They feel it’s necessary for her to spend time among actual humans.”

“She’s more element than human,” Steel argued, glaring at his reflection as he knotted his tie. “Couldn’t you tend to

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Minion Maid

I am trying

I don't have any trouble making random posts throughout the day, but I have a hard time actually doing the journaling thing, Mostly, my world is pretty boring. I go to work, push paper from one side of my desk to the other and go home.
This week, I have been working on creating a database for our play library. There's about a thousand plays, some going back to when we first opened our doors in 1951. Some everyone knows - Chicago, south Pacific, Glass Menagerie, etc. Others are a lot more obscure: Death, Hijinks on the 26th Floor and my favorite, Dad, Oh Dad, Mum's Hung you in the Closet and I'm Feeling So Sad (yes' that's a real play). what makes me even sadder is that some of these plays represent the very best that someone did and no one would look twice at them now.

Still, that's not my call. This has helped fill the void left by not selling any tickets. Our next show is in April and this week, we brought in a whooping $138. The coffers are pretty empty, yet no one seems to be concerned. The Business Manager can't seem to spend our money fast enough. At least if they send the theatre down the tubes, I will have TBG's salary to fall back upon. It's just sad that no one seems to care. And I worry that the VP of finance has taken all our bank records home with her. That doesn't seem kosher to me, but again, no one seems to care. It don't seem right to me, though.

A happier note, we had a lovely French evening this week. We started with mushroom turnovers and champagne, then moved onto sweet corn soufflés, a shrimp and fennel bisque, then our entrée - Wine Merchants Steak with baked potato and baby brussel sprouts with a hollandaise sauce. All served with a red wine blend - Gnarly Head Authentic Red - after that, we moved on to the event of the evening. We set up our video projector and watched Amelie . I couldn't believe no one has seen it.

About halfway through, I served napoleons (bought from a nearby bakery), coffee, and Grand Mariner. Whatever can be said for the evening, no one went away hungry.

And that was my week. Whee. I read some journals here and people seem to lead such exciting and rich lives. I'm not unhappy with mine, don't get me wrong, but I just wonder where they find the time and the energy. We have dinner with friends and the theatre tonight (Disney's Little Mermaid and tomorrow night a big Chinese New Years dinner. This will be our busiest weekend in a month.

At least it is supposed to be lovely and warm this weekend. Hope yours is great.
Carpe Diem

easy day

When was the last time you heard a sonic boom?

Do you prefer the old 'yellow' or the new 'blue' headlights on cars?

Do you read road signs aloud when you are by yourself?

Did you ever own one of these -