February 6th, 2016

Rangi 1

Okay, this is two...

Big step last night - we were waiting for our friends to arrive at the Mexican Restaurant (Zocali's) and talked retirement. We both decided that 2020 would be our year for that. I have to start checking things out on my end and then we will go talk to our financial planner. TBG admitted that the big expensive trips would be over, but I think we both sort of knew that. The last trip to Tahiti was most likely the last one, but we've been there four times. That's four more times than a lot of other people.

It's a little scary, though, as it's admitting that we are old(er). I still feel the way I did when I was twenty (well, at least I do until I get out of bed). I just wonder where the years have gone. I was 17 when I met TBG. The years have just flown.

And for bragging rights, I think our production of Disney's The Little Mermaid was much better as far as staging went. Our sets were certainly as good and we relied upon staging as opposed to the character just flying back and forth from stage left to stage right again and again and again.

The Mexican restaurant kicked serious ass. Cilantro rice, I'm kinda in love. Now if I could keep Titan from tossing his cookies all the time, life would be good. He develops a sensitivity to dry food every other year or so. It's on to find a new dry food that all of them will eat. Well, and to see if my Chinese outfit still fits. That would be primo.
hula girl

Mish mash

Did you ever catch your folks 'doing it' when you were a kid?

What do you think is the biggest problem we are facing these days?

Do you have plans for the long weekend coming up?