February 7th, 2016

My default

*yawn* Is it still Sunday?

Yesterday was the usual collection of shopping and chores. We did get time to work in the front garden, which really needed it. And I got to do some extra laundry when a little tom cat came into the house and sprayed a couple of pillows and blankets. He is new to me. There are lots of new to me cats as of late.

I also carved out a little time and cleaned out the apothecary dresser. It has twenty little drawers and they were all filled with stuff. I tossed a mess of things out, reorganized the rest and now have seven empty drawers. N=More room for more stuff!

Last night, we went out to celebrate Chinese New Year's. Jeff and Sarah began hosting a party years ago and we always go to Ye Chang, their favorite Chinese restaurant. this year it was a bit hard as it was the first one without Sarah. Cat, their daughter and Dawn, her partner, joined us along with Barb and the Rainmakers. India was one of those people who never stops laughing or talking. She is a hippy from the tip of her head to her toes and such a hoot. Her husband is very quiet - it always seems to be the way. Anyhow, tons of food, including jellyfish, which was a first. It was all delightful and very tasty.

However, morning came way too early, even with sleeping in for an hour. I fiddled a bit here and answered a couple of emails, then talked with Sparky for a few minutes before the Big Guy arrived, chatting like crazy with the cats and making asides to me. That usually means it's time for me to hang up and pay attention to him. Strangely enough, Titan does exactly the same thing.

Breakfast was a bit eclectic. I had some leftover sausage gravy, so I made some biscuits and gravy, then added some bubble and squeak. It was an odd breakfast, but it tasted okay. Afterwards, I started to work on my French. That lasted for about a half hour before frustration set in. Looking for TBG, I found him lying down on the bed. He wanted to head over to the Farmer's Market, but a nap seemed like an awfully good idea.

Two hours later, I woke up, sort of... I'm still trying to wake up and that's after going to the market, having lunch and working for ninety minutes on my French. I hate sleeping that hard during the day - it totally throws me off.

Now I'm hear to play catch up with everyone, at least until it's time to start working on dinner. We are having tortilla soup tonight and then will watch Ponsu, our new Ghibli movie. So much for really getting anything done today...