February 9th, 2016

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Yay, Tuesday

Those who know me know how much I dislike Tuesdays Even though I was born on a Tuesday, I've never quite gotten along with them. This one is not starting out much better.

As I mentioned on the weekend, Titan was having tummy problems. It took a bit, but he'd come around and is eating and doing everything else normally. Now it's Pye's turn and she's really looking rummy. She won't eat and when she drinks, she drinks it right back up. I'm going to make an appointment for her today and even (this isn't for the faint of heart) 'captured' some of her last barf. That was a hoot, let me tell you. Still I feel it might help them figure out what's going on. Just what I wanted for today - a vet visit.

Yesterday I finished off the scripts library. Now it will be up Kevin to decide which ones stay and which go. I suspect there will be quite a few going. I will put them in the green room to see if anyone wants them, then toss them in a month's time. Once Kevin does that, I will make a more in-depth spreadsheet, year published, number of characters, that sort of thing. Nothing like taking a two-day job and stretching it out over a few weeks.

Our weather is to die for - quite literally. We hit 75 yesterday and today is supposed to be even nicer. However, this isn't boding well for our rain situation. We have no rain forecast through next week. This is just how last year started - lots of rain and then nothing... This is not good at all.

Yay, Tuesday, not so much.

An update

The official word is that she has an upset tum... sigh, after x-rays, shots, special food and an hour and change (we won't even mention the vet bill), she should be fine by tomorrow. She probably would have been fine, but at least now I know it's nothing weird or a rubber band or something else.

Thanks for all the good wishes. She is pissed, but fine.
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Just wondering.

What's the last song you really listened to?

When's the last time you really looked at a sunset (or sunrise, if you prefer)?

When's the last time you listened to crickets?

When was the last time you played for the sheer sake of playing?