February 11th, 2016

head banging

Okay this is very weird - WTF LJ?

When I opened up my mail box here, it was crammed full of deleted messages, although any posts and PMs weren't.
I will try to track down all the comments that people are responding to, but it might take me some time. If I miss you, please, please try sending me a PM. Just when I think LJ can no longer surprise me...

Updated to add - I'm not getting any notifications of new posts, comments now. Sigh...
Pals for life

National Make a Friend Day

I've been sort of missing jantojones's posting of bizarre holidays and thought this was a rather nice one!

So, today is National Make a Friend day

Will you be my friend?
What's is your idea of a friend? what do you look for and what are you willing to overlook?

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