February 13th, 2016


Yay, the weekend

Had a great drive down to the City - the traffic wasn't bad at all and I even drove the whole way. It's the first time I've driven in SF and it was a little exciting to say the least! Only once did I get stuck in the wrong lane and that's a record, even for me. Usually I get lost, but we got to the hotel without a missed turn. Yay! Don't care much for the hills here, though. I would never be able to handle a stick shift.

The Cornell Hotel is on Bush street and it's small and charming. There's probably about 100 rooms and they aren't huge, but they are charming with lovely wall paintings everywhere. I've taken some shot of the room and paintings and will upload when we get home. It is very French. Their dog came out to greet us, a charming golden named Noel. The owner/manager came out to talk with us and (this is huge for me) we talked in French and I understood him. Six months ago, I couldn't speak much more than hello and goodbye. *:D*

We got to the room and crashed until dinner. We went to a small place called Cesario's and it was very good. Only 16 tables, but the service and food were spot on. TBG had a fabulous Chicken Marsala that was to die for. I had Linguini Carbonara which was some of the best I've ever had. The house chianti wasn't great, but good with the bad. Plus it was close enough that we could walk to it.

Afterwards, we wandered around the area. Union Square was hopping for a Saturday night. We went past what used to our favorite hotel, which is now a chic hotel with a wine bar in the lobby. I miss the old Maxwell. It was old and creaky, but so fun. It had an okay restaurant, which is now a high end boutique restaurant. Three doors down was a wine and chocolate bar. Only in SF.

Back at the hotel, we sat in the lobby for a while and read the paper. TBG found a magazine and was thumbing through it. It had an article about spies and He handed it to me, asking, "What does it say there?" that's when I realized it was in French. He asked if he could take it back to our room and I spent about a half hour translating what I could for him. They had something on various spy devices. They used to hide secret messages in fake dog poop. Yeah, that was a hoot to translate.

Slept like a rock until 4:45 - that's unheard of for me, but I didn't have cats to wake me up. Today we are driving to Santa Cruz and will come back via Coast Highway One. I've never been to either, so I'm excited. Tonight we will meet The Boy for dinner here. It will be so good to hug him again. It feels like he's been gone forward.

It's actually very warm here - 68 yesterday and 66 today with tomorrow going to 74 - in SF in February. It usually doesn't get much about 65 here ever! Sigh, at least we won't have to worry about fog.

Hope everyone has a brilliant day. I won't be on line much today, so forgive me if there is a delay in answering your comments.