February 18th, 2016

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A new Working Stiffs story

Title: Visiting Hours are Over
Genre: Gen
Word count: 2658

My thanks to Sparky for cleaning this up.

Everybody figures that once you get past Survival School, life in UNCLE is a piece of cake. Possibly if the cake is chiseled from granite and all you have to cut it with is a plastic knife and fork. Section Three is hard, much harder than Section Two.

We are the work horses, though. We do all the crap jobs that Section Two can’t be bothered with. We do courier runs, stake outs and babysitting. See, UNCLE is a lot of things, but it ain’t a hospital and when an agent gets knocked around or bruised a little, they get sent to Medical. It’s a small group of rooms down in the basement. There’s a doc and a couple of nurses, but they aren’t prepared for anything major. Those cases get sent to one of a variety of hospitals in the city that UNCLE has a special contract with. And when that happens, I get fingered. I sit by the door to their room and make sure no one tries to finish what someone else started. Section Two get only the best.

As you might have guessed by now, I don’t have a lot of compassion for the Section Two guys. Most of them can’t be bothered with us once they get that status. Even some of my former classmates from Survival School, guys I was better than on the range or in the classroom, don’t even bother to give me the time of day now. Cutter fingered me as Section Three practically the day I started and he made sure I didn’t get the time or the training I would need to for anything but Section Three. He’s funny that way. Sure, he’d deny, but it’s true.

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Silly fun

This paragraph is unusual. How quickly can you find out what is so uncommon about it? It looks ordinary and you may think nothing is odd about it until you match it with most paragraphs this long. If you put your mind to it and study it, you will find out. But nobody can assist you. Go to work and try your skill at figuring this out. Good luck.
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Tuning up!

So growing up, were you more a Beatles, the Monkees, Elvis, Michael Jackson or Springsteen fan? Or someone else entirely?

If you are over 45 -

Do you still have an LPs? How about 45's?

What the name of the oldest album you still own?

If you are under 45 -

What was the first CD you ever purchased? Do you still have it?

How do you stream your music these days?