February 22nd, 2016


Oh, gosh...

We got a bit of a surprise last night. Jeff was a bit down because he’s planned a trip to England at the end of April and his two cousins just cancelled on him. He had just gotten a second apartment set up across from the one he’s renting (for $130 a night? In London?) and the airline tickets, which he bought for them, were non transferrable. He seemed so bummed that I suggest that maybe we could take their places. You should have seen him light up. A lot will depend upon whether or not The Big Guy can angle the time off from work. For me, it’s not an issue. Also we will have to see about the refund. I’m thinking it won’t fly, but it’s fun to dream about it. I mean three blocks from the British Museum? And to have our own person tour guide? Sigh... I'm also thinking it would be much more fun than the last time when we had a grumpy teenager in tow.

Of course, that would mean New Zealand wouldn't happen, but I have had a feeling that wasn't going to fly for a long time. We will also have to see what kind of a refund we are getting back from the IRS this next weekend, too.

Fingers crossed.