February 27th, 2016

comedy and tragedy

so updating...

Things have been going sort of fast and furious on the London front. We have our tickets, well, virtual tickets and will be checking out Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner. I'm excited to be flying on a new aircraft. It's supposed to be state of the art.

Yesterday, we were doing our taxes and Jeff called. He wanted to talk about theatre tickets. Granted he will probably go and see more theatre than us, which is fine, we did want to do a couple of shows. I didn't want to necessarily see something we'd already seen before, although the temptation is strong with Mamma Mia, but we finally settled on Wonder.land at the National and Mrs. Henderson Presents at the Noel Coward theatre

Here is the trailer for Wonder.land and I'm already in love with the music

Sadly, there is no real trailer for Mrs. Henderson Presents.

I am really excited about our choices.

Today we took the cat houses down for the season. Now it's a case of cleaning them up and putting them in storage. One more step towards spring.

Taxes are filed, the shopping is done and I think a nap just might be in order.