March 4th, 2016

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I am woman. I am strong. I am tired.

Yeah, so much for the daily journaling. If I could learn to type while I'm asleep, I might be able to keep up with everything.

It's weird because looking back, it doesn't seem like I did very much. We had a dinner party Wednesday evening, which went well and was fun. I served a new dish - chicken with lemongrass and asparagus. Or asparagus is starting to come in - only two months early - and I'm looking forward to making the most of it while it's dirt cheap. We talked about the upcoming trip and that was nice.

Work is bizarre. We had an employee meeting on Tuesday in which all Brian did was complain about not getting paid enough money. Hell, none of us are exactly well paid and he makes more than the rest of us combined. he gets free health insurance on top of it and yet it's not enough for him. I just wish he'd find another job. He was telling everyone how he'd been there eight years - no, he's been there five years, he neglect to tell people that he quit in 2008 and didn't come back until 2012...

We opened St. Mary's production of Hello, Dolly. It is amazing to me to see all the support these parents pour into their children's activities - and the money. Yowza! I wish we could buy the stuff they do for props and set dressing. They have no-ceiling budget and it shows. They seem to have a good show coming together. It's fun to sit and listen to allthe high school drama, though. I wouldn't be seventeen again for anything!

Started walking again, although the leg still isn't thrilled about it. I know it's good for me, but if someone could just let my right leg, it would be great.

Oh, and I sent my first text this morning. :P