March 5th, 2016


Blame it on Nikki!

You Are a Poet

You are sensitive and expressive. You feel very deeply, and the smallest things in this world can move you.
You may feel misunderstood by the world at times, so you make sure to understand yourself well at least. You are very reflective.

You are a wordsmith, and you know how to get your thoughts out on paper. You are very eloquent and even witty.
For you, the written word is very cathartic. You always feel better after writing or even just reading a bit.

Hmm, poetry is one thing that I seldom write. Maybe I should write more. I do feel better after writing, though.
I see you

Saturday nothing much

Do you have to sleep with the sheets and blankets tucked in or out?

Do you fold your underwear or just toss it into a drawer and hope for the best?

What's your weather like?

Bonus question Did you read comics growing up?

Were they more like:

or something else entirely?