March 11th, 2016

goofy dog

The Friday Five

These questions were written by spacefem.

1. Where does clutter pile up in your home?
2. How many junk drawers do you have?
3. What's an area you're proud to say is relatively organized?
4. How do you decide when to keep something and when to toss it out?
5. What are you keeping around that you don't use?

1. Usually the study and the wet bar. For some reason, those seem to be the spots where everything stops.

2. 2.

3. The kitchen is as about as organized as we get around here.

4. Is it broken? Have we used it in the last year? What is its purpose? If it's broken, something we haven't used in forever and don't really have any use for it, it gets either taken to Good will or the trash

5. K-Y Jelly? Sorry, couldn't resist. Um, a paella pan. We don't like it and will never use it, but for some reason, we have yet to toss it (and we received it as a gift over ten years ago.
Sapphire and Steel2

A Fire to be Kindled - a new Sapphire and Steel story

Title: A Fire to be Kindled
Word count 1097
Rating: G
Prompt: A Horrible Disease

My thanks to Sparky for making me toe the line

It sat in the corner of the room, looking so normal that it was easy to dismiss it as anything special. And yet there was something about the box. Something compelling.

It seemed to call to him the moment he entered the room, pulling his attention from elsewhere to refocus upon it.

Look at me.

He shook his head, determined to focus upon the task at hand, and there was always a task at hand, especially now for they had won the war. They were strong. They were powerful. They were forever. He stroked his rust-colored hair. Even in human form, he was tarnishing.

Look at me.

“Did you just say something to me,” he asked as his companion pulled the hat from her head and let her dark hair tumble down.Collapse )

I was doing one of these

Over in The Canteen and thought it might be fun to do one here as well.

It's time for Fun with Words.

Now, without looking anything up, what does Monarsenous mean?

How about a Pregustator?

Take a guess and I'll post the answers tomorrow. And if you do know, don't let on! :D