March 25th, 2016

when plot bunnies attack

This Year's MFUWSS Easter Egg Challenge

frau_flora has opened the posting for the Man from UNCLE Easter Eggs Challenge. The word count is 500 maximum and my Beta for all of these was the lovelysparky955. The links take you to AO3 or they can also be found on MFUWSS

And here are my offerings:

For Pfrye: Prompt: I would love a story (gen) about the commissary, straws, peeps and target practice....

Not A Peep Out of Anyone

For ride_4ever Prompt: I'd love some Illya/Napoleon where the prompt is "Springtime in Canada". And it would be a plus if it's a crossover with due South or any of the many TV shows or movies in the Canadian Six Degrees fandom

Easter in Canada

For Emeraldarrows - Prompt: I would love a gen egg of Napoleon and Illya's first day working together, please. H/C would be a most lovely, but not necessary addition. TV-verse.

Starting off on the Right Foot

For laurose8Prompt: Would anyone be interested in writing a gen or gen-ish fic (of the tv series) about the start of their partnership? Possibly with the shadow of a bad case or earlier partnership

If At First

For jantojones
Prompt: May I have a gen, tv-based Illya-centric Easter Egg please, involving candy.

Don't Count Your Easter Bunnies
bunny in hat

Gosh, I'm bad at these

I try to journal every day, but there's just never much going on around here that's newsworthy.

Last night we went out with a mess of friends for Barb's niece's birthday. We went to Masa, our favorite Japanese restaurant. Barb had preordered a mess of apps, all vegan, and then we ordered our entrees. She picked up the bill (again) and we had a pretty good evening. Barb was a bit 'holier than thou' as she is wont to get when her niece is around. What the hell, the food and sake were good and I held hands with TBG under the table.

Yesterday, TBG called John W to see if everything was on track for our gig this weekend in San Jose. Instead he got an earful of complaints about all the drama involved with the band and how he's thinking of pulling the plug. He's lost his sound guy (and all the sound guy's equipment), so he's reduced to playing (and paying for) venues that have their own sound system. That usually means their own lights, too, so that means we are running the show. We'll just be grunts for this one. He's playing in a huge auditorium and I can't see it selling out. We will get tickets after load in and watch the show from the audience. it would be nice if there was some place to dance, but so be it.

The next morning John is flying to Maui to get married. His wife has been dead two years and he is marrying her best friend. Guess they got pretty close when Vicky was towards the end as so often happens. She has a son from a previous marriage, so I think that might also be playing a part in his wanting to stop the band. Of course, he's said this before, so we will have to see what happens. In any event, we have one more show in Livermore next month, just before we leave for London. It will be a very busy weekend.

Wednesday I got a call from the Stockton Chorale and apparently I'd won a Silent Auction basket that I'd forgotten about. Went to pick it up during lunch and it was huge. It had two bottles of port, glasses, a wine opener and 'saver cork', along cookies (two kinds), nuts (two kinds), crackers, salami, two kinds of cheese and chocolate. Not bad for $50.

Today Princess sent us a notification that we can sign up for our cruise excursion - a year in advance. It's nice but a little weird. Usually it's six months out. We have stops at Cabo san Lucas, Granada, Nicaragua, Puntarenas, Costa Rica, Santa Marta, Columbia and Aruba. There are some very interesting excursions being offered. I think it's going to be a tough call.

Now I must go and let Titan in. We had a stray cat wander in and I found him terrorizing ours, so now the door stays shut. At least it's exercise. Little Mommy was here this morning and she looks ready to pop. I tried to follow her, but to no avail. I can't even get close enough to touch her. Sigh...