March 27th, 2016

when plot bunnies attack

Happy Easter to everyone

I wanted to apologize to my f-list for not getting back to some of you as quickly as usual. This has pretty much been the first chance to sit down and log in. We should be home later today and then it will be easier to get caught up. Plus, there are many other things happening today for many of you.

Last night was our Waterloo concert and what an experience. We sold out a 500-seat theatre and the box office said that could have sold the show twice. That is very encouraging. The audience was very high energy, but the lack of Mike mixing was obvious in the sound - it was tinny and over-driven. No one seemed to mind, though. Three times throughout the show people were on their feet dancing. That's such a great feeling.

The load in and out was as good as it can be. At least it was a short walk and we only had the drum kit and the signs to deal with. The deck crew were great and fun to work with - they really seemed to love their job and their theatre. As we were leaving, they were setting up for another show today, which meant they had to pull the entire floor off the deck. They had a long night ahead for them.

We stayed at the Marriot which was right across the street from the Montgomery Theatre. It was literally a three minute walk there with the crossing light with you. We had a fabulous dinner at McCormick and Schmitt, a sea food restaurant. I had some seared ahi that was to die for. However, after a long night of working, when we got back to the hotel, I was starving (I mean you wouldn't think, but it was just sashimi and a seaweed salad and nothing else. Everything closed at 11 and we were long past that, but the Marriot makes up boxes for just such an emergency for their guests. We got a boxed lunch of a turkey sandwich, chips and water. Just what both of us needed.

This morning, I'm a little sore, but it was well worth it. We have another event in April, just days before we leave on vacation. It will be a good send off.

Have a lovely day no matter how you spend it.
minion whaaa?

Get lost or not

Do you own any sort of road map?

Do you own any sort of GPS device that you regularly use to find places?

Do you: never get lost, always get lost, get lost depending upon the day of the week, or just when you feel like it?