March 29th, 2016

Solo Love

a new fic for bkkbjy

Title: Chemistry
Genre: Pre-slash
Word Count 895
Prompt: bkkbjy posted this lovely photo a few weeks ago and it bunnied me.

My thanks to bkkbjy for allowing me to use this and for Sparky for the beta.


“It all comes down to chemistry.” Illya was stretched out on his bed, studying the notes he’d stolen from Bertol’s lab. The remnants of their meal sat on a nearby table.

“What? Everything?” Napoleon held up a piece of bread. “This is a chemical reaction?

“Inasmuch as the yeast reacted to the sugar and made the bread rise. The gluten in the bread held it all together, then they reacted to heat by turning brown.” Illya finished his glass of wine. “Even this acceptable cabernet was due to chemical reactions. Everything is a chemical reaction to something else.” He poured another glass of wine and offered Napoleon the bottle.

“What about chance? Or luck?”

“There’s no such thing in science. Perhaps in actions leading up to it, but not in the chemistry itself. ”

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